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Reputation: In Georgia, CBD oil produced by Hemp is appropriate for many people to have, but low-THC oil derived from Marijuana is just legal for medically qualified individuals to possess. State licensed companies may cultivate, procedure, or dispense oil that is low-THC clients.

CBD Program healthcare Program Recreational Program Are Applications Start?
appropriate perhaps Not appropriate perhaps Not legal closed

Amount of Georgia Licenses Available

Dispensaries Cultivation Manufacturing/Processing Transportation
0 0 0 0

Georgia Healthcare Marijuana Class 1 Producer Permit

Home Bill 324 outlines the payment might also issue a Class 1 manufacturing permit through a software procedure available to the average man or woman. A course 1 Production License authorizes a licensee to:

  • Grow cannabis just in indoor facilities to be used in producing low THC oil, restricted to 100,000 square feet of cultivation area
  • Manufacture low THC oil

The commission shall issue two (2) course 1 manufacturing licenses. A course 1 manufacturing License takes a non-refundable application cost of $25,000, a preliminary permit charge of $200,000 and permit renewal fee of $100,000.


  • Georgia Marijuana Company Plan Package
  • Company & Operations Arrange Template
  • Cultivation Arrange Template
  • Manufacturing/Processing Arrange Template
  • Ecological Plan Template
  • Financial Arrange Template
  • Fire Protection Plan Template
  • Stock Control Plan Template
  • Patient Education Arrange Template
  • Individual Recordkeeping Arrange Template
  • Item cannibus oil Safety Plan Template
  • Security Plan Template
  • Staffing Plan Template
  • Suitability of Arrange Template
  • Transportation Arrange Template

Georgia Healthcare Marijuana Class 2 Producer Permit

House Bill 324 outlines the payment might also issue a Class 2 manufacturing permit through a credit card applicatoin procedure available to the public that is general. . . .